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House plant care  

Light: Requirements for light vary depending on the type of plant. Terms to describe light levels include full sunlight, bright indirect light, moderate light or low light. The intensity of natural indoor light depends on the location in your home. 

When caring for houseplants, water according to individual needs. Drought-tolerant succulents and cacti will need less water than thirsty plants such as philodendrons and ferns. The frequency of watering will vary depending on the type of plant, temperature and humidity in your home. Plants require less watering during winter months when growth slows down. One of the most common mistakes that beginners make is overwatering, which can lead to root rot or other diseases. Stick your finger into the soil 1 to 2 inches deep. Water your plants if the soil feels dry.

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We are happy to announce that our Gibsonia store now carries the most popular varieties of Joy Dog Food.  Joy Dog Food provides a high quality formula to meet the nutritional needs of very active dogs.  We carry: Maintenance Plus and Super Meal in 40 lb. bags and High Energy in 50 lb. bag.

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Summer Lawn Care

Here are some general guidelines:

In July or August, loosen up hard soil and balance the pH level to make the soil optimal for grass growth. MAG-I-CAL® Plus soil food is specially formulated to activate the microbial life in your soil to make the nutrients easier for grass roots to absorb.
Another excellent fertilizer option during the hot, dry summer months (or during late spring or early fall after the soil temperature has warmed) is Jonathan Green’s Organic Lawn Food, a high-quality lawn fertilizer that is made from all-organic food sources.

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