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Soil, Mulch and Conditioner


Best Feeds Naturally Organic Pine Bark Soil Conditioner

Soil amendments such as Best Feeds Pine Bark Soil Conditioner, loosen hard soils, condition the soil for planting and promote healthy root growth. Soil Conditioner adds organic matter to the soil to improve plant growth. It does this by adding naturally occurring beneficial bacteria to the soil to stimulate root growth. Because aeration is improved, more oxygen is available for healthy roots and improved drainage prevents root rot. The improved texture makes soil lighter and when used in planting beds, makes managing and planting much easier. This specially designed formula by Best Feeds staff reflects years of experience gardening in Southwestern Pennsylvania!

How Much Soil and Mulch Is Enough?

To prepare a single hole for planting trees, shrubs or perennials the best mix is 50/50 with existing soil. When preparing planting beds, first begin by tilling the soil. The rule of thumb is that more is not better. Always keep a minimum of 50% of the original soil in any planting area. Plants will do better when there is an adequate amount of the surrounding soil as they become established. In a planting bed; approximately 6 bags are recommended per 100 sq. ft.
Best Feeds Naturally Organic Pine Bark Soil Conditioner

Bulk Materials

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Calculate Amount of Bulk Material is Needed:
To determine how much bulk material is required to apply to a bed or any area, multiply the length of area by its width. This equals the square footage. Deduct any non-landscape areas such as gardens or house. A mulch depth of about 3 inches will keep weeds under control.

Next: Take the square inches and multiply by depth (converted to decimal in feet - for 3" divide 3 by 12) 3/12 = .25

So how many cubic yards to you need for your project? For a 12' x 10' bed there is 120 sq. ft. (12 x 10 = 120). Take the 120 x .25 (the 3" depth factor). 120x .25 = 30 cu. ft. To order cubic yards divided 30 by 27. (27 is the conversion factor, just go with it). So you need 30/27 = 1.1 cu. yards.

Grass Seed and Fertilizers

Best Feeds Garden Centers Carries a full line of lawn care products including bagged and bulk grass seed such as Penn State Mix, Rye Grass, Mixes for sun or shade and Jonathan Green Black Beauty mix. There are many grass seed mixtures and fertilizer options to choose so it is best to stop by one of our stores to speak with one of our professionals before starting your project. There are also many eco-friendly options available that are safe around children and pets. In recent years grass seed formulas have been developed that are deep rooting, requiring less water and have natural disease resistance. We specialize in Jonathan Green lawn care products.

The "New American Lawn" is based on the use of organic and traditional chemical products. These products improve disease and insect resistance, improve heat tolerance and improve your lawn's soil biology.

The Jonathan Green program is a 4 step program with some options being organic. Mail-in coupons are available for both types of programs. The basic requirements for a healthy lawn are: soil amendment, fertilizers, weed control, insect control and disease control.
The New American Lawn - Jonathan Green - Pittsburgh, PA - Gibsonia PA


Lawns need the proper amount of nutrients to grow thick and green throughout the year. Differences in product are organic components, time of year applied and new or established lawns.

Weed Control:

Lawn weeds are divided into two basic groups: Grassy weeds such as crabgrass, goosegrass, foxtail, and barnyard grass that germinate each spring and Broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, chickweed, plantain and clover.

Insect Control:

Lawn insects are most active during warm summer months and feed on desirable turf grass from March through October. Some newer varieties of grass seed contain endophytes to naturally reduce insect damage.
Before starting any lawn renovation project have a soil analysis done to determine your soil's pH level. When lawn's are balanced, weeds are reduced.

Disease Control:

The proper environmental conditions must be present for fungus to attack. Hot, humid weather usually brings on lawn disease. Broad spectrum, systemic fungicide provides both preventative and curative control of turf diseases such as red thread, leaf spot and snow mold.

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