Landscape Design and Installation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Best Feeds Outdoor Design can design and build your perfect garden. We specialize in landscape design and installation for residential and commercial properties in Pittsburgh Area. Our professionally trained staff will bring your dreams to reality, enhance your outdoor living experience and add value to your property.
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Outdoor Design and Building

Professional landscape design service is part of Best Feeds Outdoor Design comprehensive installation package. It consists of personal client consultation, site evaluation, custom design plans, plant specifications, and aftercare instructions.

Landscape and Outdoor Renovation

We specialize in landscape redesign, removal of existing material and light pruning.

Green Installations

Rainwater Gardens create a design that combines natural beauty while helping to mitigate stormwater runoff. Gardens are designed to provide unity with existing homes and feature native plants, gradual slopes, boulder outcroppings and easy maintenance.

Greenery Planting

Plant Materials:

Since our beginning, Best Feeds Garden Centers growers have specialized in selecting plant materials of the highest quality, best value and are the most adaptable to our local climate. Best Feeds Outdoor Design shares this experience with you and brings you the best that Western Pennsylvania has to offer. Our relationships with experienced growers and years of project experience allow us to make proven recommendations from our extensive plants list.

Plant Installation:

After soil preparation is complete, we will install plants according to the landscape design plan.


We will apply a 3" layer of mulch to all bed areas after we install the new plant materials. We rake out weeds or roots during the preparation of your beds. An effective weed control program begins during the installation process. This effort during the first season will help establish your new beds and will impact your bed maintenance for many years. There will always be some weeds in a growing environment, but we strive to minimize weeds while protecting shrubs, flowers and trees.
Best Feeds Outdoor Design Center's professional landscape crews will provide you with year round maintenance service to keep your landscape investment looking like new. Please use the Outdoor Design contact form for a free estimate on seasonal or a complete landscape maintenance program.

Seasonal Care

Mulch Spreading:

Mulch Spreading - Lawn Maintenance - best Feeds garden centers - pittsburgh, PA - gibsonia, PA
Single or double ground bark mulch will be spread to a 3 inch layer to all bed areas. We rake out weeds or roots during the preparation of planting beds. An even layer of mulch is effective in weed control and in protecting newly planted trees and shrubs for water loss after planting.

Spring Bed Clean Up:

A Spring clean up is a great way to get your property in shape for spring and summer. We will clean up planting beds by removing leaves and debris from winter damage, rake dead foliage from perennial beds, trim ornamental shrubs and spread a fresh layer of mulch or compost for a fresh, finished look.

Spring Yard Clean Up:

The worst areas of the lawn will be hand raked, twigs picked up and repairs made to winter damaged areas of lawn from plowing. Stones and/or gravel moved by plowing will be put back in proper areas.


Yearly edging along perennial beds, curbs, walkways and planting beds give these areas a clean, crisp edge.

Fall Bed Clean Up:

Clean bed of debris and leaves accumulated over the summer and fall, cut back and rake off dead foliage from annuals and perennials, pick up twigs and add much as necessary for winter.

Bulb Planting & Seasonal Flower Displays


We trim hedges, shrubs, and small trees that can be reached from ground level. Hand pruners, hand shears and pole pruners are used to keep hedges, shrubs and small tress well shaped and neat in appearance.

Complete Your Outdoor Design

Let Best Feeds Outdoor Design team create a landscape that enhances your home, call 412-837-2334 or email us at today.
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