Firewood and Ice Melt

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You Starting a flame begins with properly seasoned firewood. Seasoning allows the wood to dry after being cut. It can take between six months to a year for firewood to properly dry after being cut. For those number fans out there, that’s approximately 15 to 20% of weight. Check for cracks at the end of the log – this is a sign of proper drying. Firewood is traditionally sold by the cord or partial cord.

Best Feeds sells:
Full Cords
Bundles 1/20 of a cord
1/14 of a cord
1/6 of a cord
1/3 of a cord
Delivery and stacking are available upon request. Please contact store for availability and pricing.

When stacking firewood at home be sure to keep off the ground and allow for air circulation between logs. A full cord is 8 ft long, by 4 ft. high, by 4 ft deep (the depth is 3 logs deep with logs that are approximately 16 inches in length). 

Unseasoned wood does not burn as hot and can create smoke. Inside or out, sitting in front of a crackling fire is a warm, cozy way to spend an evening. 

Ice Melt

Due to supple chain issues, it is best to check with the store for availability. We currently have in stock:

Morton’s Safe-T-Salt – effectively melts ice and snow at a lower cost than calcium chloride. It’s 100% Rock Salt for good ice melt and traction.

Pet Safe
Pet safe ice melt is the best choice when fur babies are in the house. While all ice melt products lower the freezing point of water, Pet safe products use naturally occurring chemical ingredients.

Ice melts that contain salts can cause skin irritations with dogs and cats. After a walk always check your pet for red or chaffed paws (excessive licking can also be a sign) and skin irritations.
It’s a good practice to apply ice melt before it snows to prevent ice from forming under the snow. Also use small amounts to protect lawns and plants.