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Pond and Water Garden Design and Installation

North Hills Water Gardens offers a complete Pond Design and Build service for water feature installation. Designing an entire landscape including a pond is ideal and the relationship of the pond to the rest of the landscape should be carefully considered before beginning. Some things to consider are:

Space available - The size of the pond is very important. The smaller the pond, the greater the impact seasonal and temperature fluctuations have and the less stable the overall pond environment will be.

Depth - Another important factor in the overall health of the pond is the depth. Depth of the pond should be a minimum of 24 inches to winter over your fish. Greater than 3 feet of depth is not necessary.

- If the pond is to achieve its potential for your landscape, the shape of the pond should complement the shapes dictated in your landscape. If your landscape is formal in style then the angles, lines, and smooth curves should be repeated in the shape of the pond. If your landscape is informal, then this freedom of line and form should be reflected by a less geometric design. If the pond is constructed of flexible liner, your options are almost limitless; however, if you elect to use a preformed shell liner, your options are more limited.

Size - The size of your pond should be a question of proportion and is an important design consideration. If the pond is to occupy a place of prominence, such as the center of the landscape, then its size should reflect this by taking a greater proportion of the area allotted to hardscape.

Pond Service and Maintenance from North Hills Water Garden

The North Hills Water Gardens at Best Feeds is your one stop, full service water feature supply and installation destination. Any backyard can be improved by the addition of a water feature.

Keep Your Pond's Ecosystem Healthy

Regular service ensures optimal quality and operation of water features. There is no substitute for experience and our staff can provide a complete environmental service program using natural, beneficial bacteria to keep the water clear and develop a healthy ecosystem.

Pond Maintenance Services:

  • Pond Total Clean Out & Fall Shut Down
  • Pond Maintenance and Repair
  • Fountain Spring Start-Up & Fall Shut Down Service
  • Fountain Maintenance & Repair
  • New Water Feature Installation
  • Fountain Installation
  • Water Feature Repair
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