Aquatic Plants

North Hills Water Gardens - Best Feeds Garden Centers - Pittsburgh, PA
The North Hills Water Gardens is located within Best Feeds Garden Center, 2105 Babcock Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15209. We offer a complete line of pond supplies, pond fish, fish food and aquatic plants. Our aquatic center will transport you to a tropical paradise with dazzling water features and displays.

Aquatic Plant Selection

An aquatic garden can become a focal point for you home. Water gardens have the sounds of nature and can attract a variety of birds, butterflies, frogs and turtles. Aquatic plants are divided into two categories: Tropicals and Hardy. Tropical Aquatic Plants grow fast, bloom in vivid color and keep their color long into the season. Hardy Aquatic Plants can overwinter, keep the water balanced as they green out and offer the first colors of the season.

The North Hills Water Garden @ Best Feeds Garden Centers offers a wide range of both tropical and hardy plants. When choosing aquatic plants, keep in mind that the plants should cover at least 50 - 60 percent of the water surface. There are many types to choose from. Some are free floating while others are marginal or submersible. Selection depends on the size of the pond and the kind of look you want. Water lilies can add drama and fragrance even in small tubs. Some plants provide oxygen and help keep the pool healthy. Fish can be a beneficial addition, because they are good scavengers, cleaning up debris. They also can help control mosquito larva, and other insects.

Floating Plants, such as Hyacinths and lettuce provide filtration for your pond and shade and cover for fish. They are essential for a healthy water ecosystem.

Marginal plants add bright pops of color. These wet loving perennials thrive on the edge of a pond, in bogs or along stream banks and creeks. These plants create a natural boarder for water gardens or can be used around catch basins, drain spouts or run-off areas.
North Hills Water Gardens - Best Feeds Garden Centers - Pittsburgh, PA

Aquatic Plant Care

All water garden pools regardless of size will need maintenance throughout the year. With proper planning you can ensure a healthy balance between living and decorative features of a water garden that can almost care for itself with simple maintenance inputs from you.

Soils for Aquatic Plants

Water lilies, lotus, and other aquatic plants do best when they are planted in heavy clay loam soils similar to what you would have in a garden setting. These types of soils are generally well-balanced nutritionally and will support good growth. Commercial potting mixes or other artificial mixes are not used because they are too lightweight and do not hold nutrients for any length of time. So, contrary to other container gardening "rules" do not use an amended soil mix for potting aquatic plants.
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